A list of packages developed

I develop several packages in R. Packages with additional links in highlight have their own dedicated websites.

Geometry and Topology

  • RiemBase
    Functions and C Header Files for Computation on Manifolds

  • TDAkit
    Toolkit for Topological Data Analysis


  • graphon
    A Collection of Graphon Estimation Methods

Statistical Inference

  • CovTools
    Statistical Tools for Covariance Analysis

  • filling
    Matrix Completion, Imputation, and Inpainting Methods

  • SBmedian
    Scalable Bayes with Median of Subset Posteriors

  • SHT (website)
    Statistical Hypothesis Testing Toolbox

Optimization and Applied Mathematics

  • ROptSpace
    Matrix Reconstruction from a Few Entries

  • tvR
    Total Variation Regularization for Signals and Images

  • Rlinsolve
    Iterative Solvers for (Sparse) Linear System of Equations

  • maotai
    Tools for Matrix Algebra, Optimization and Inference