Miscellaneous Notes

These are some notes for mainly personal usage. Read at your own risk, even though I try hard to make these notes as clear as possible without omitting basic yet crucial details. If you find errors, please share it with me.

Geometry and Statistics

  • [PDF|bib] A Note on Angular Central Gaussian Distribution and its Matrix Variant.

Image Processing

  • [PDF|bib] Derivation of Euler-Lagrange equation for ROF denoising algorithm.

Elementary : Calculus

  • [PDF|bib] Rodrigues’ formula for the Legendre polynomials.

Elementary : Statistics

  • [PDF|bib] \(L_2\) distance between two Gaussian Mixture Models.

Elementary : Computational

  • [PDF|bib] Monte Carlo computation of \(L_p\) distance between densities on hypersphere.